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Math for as long as I can remember wasn’t the hardest subject I had to learn. It was quite easy for me to comprehend. I don’t really remember much from the first few years of elementary, but starting in second grade I had an amazing teacher that knew the kind of teaching that she needed to do for us to understand. We learned a few things like how to solve addition and subtraction word problems. Moving on to third grade we start learning multiplication and division little harder, but I was always a competitive student in getting my work done and getting them all right. So, most of the time multiplication was the easy part. Division was a little harder for me to get, but over time I got the hang of solving them. In fourth grade we got more in-depth with the multiplication and division with longer problems. Fifth grade was the more harder things with fractions. Fraction at the beginning were pretty hard, but my teacher worked with me to understand that they were just simple and now fractions don’t really bother me as quite like fractions. Sixth grade was my first year of middle school, which mean a little more Complex math. Learning about ratios, percentages etc wasn’t the hardest thing to learn, but I’m glad I did learn it because that’s all we use in sixth and till present day. Skipping to eighth grade I had to start teaching myself different objectives, because our teacher had left and we only had a permit substitute that didn’t know how to teach a class. She knew how to teach us the easier objectives, but when it came down to the harder ones we were on our own. So things we’re more difficult of course. Lastly is ninth grade I’m trying to get use to the move of things dealing with math. It’s really different from going from a class were you had to teach yourself something every time to someone that’s willing to put that effort in making sure you understand things. From the start of it things are pretty simple I have my rough spots in doing math this year, but it’s a working process I know I’ll get the hang of it. In conclusion to this my math journey has had some highs and some lows. I’m glad I’ve gotten to the point in my math journey that I am today and also for not only the ups, but the downs as well. I wouldn’t have learned from my mistakes if I didn’t have those downs.