Volume 4, Part 8

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The first truth to which the American Proposition makes appeal is that landmark of Western political theory, the Declaration of Independence. It is a truth that lies beyond politics; it imparts to politics a fundamental human meaning … the sovereignty of God over nations as well as over individual men. This is the principle that radically distinguishes America …“(J. C. Murray). And, this principle was operative long before it was expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Just consider what it means when we call this country “land of the free and home of the brave”!

The scientific community holds that: (1) the lands now called the Americas were separated from all other lands by huge spans of oceans millions of years before the first human beings came to be; and, (2) in the pre-historic era, human beings migrated out of what is now called Africa to what is now called Europe and Asia in at least two separate large migratory waves. Much later, the first human beings arrived in what is now called the Americas. Upon arrival, what these first peoples found was a vast “new world” yet unmarked by human activity.

What we know about human nature and human history suggests why people might have hazarded great challenges to get here. One hypothesis is that those who first came to the Americas came in search of freedom from one or both of two tyrannies: (1) The Tyranny of Nature, e.g., natural disasters and stiff competition with other forms of life for food, water, and shelter; and (2) Human Tyranny, e.g., human competition for the necessities of life and domination at the hands of the strong man, strong clan, strong tribe, or strong nation. Today, for the same reasons, people risk great hazards to come to the United States of America. It is human nature – as created by God – to hunger and thirst for Freedom!

Deacon Joseph B. Gorini, Mechanicsburg PA <///>< [First Published October 13, 2013]

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