Volume 3, Part 8

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Rightly reasoned, a thorough and fair analysis of the many social, political, and economic issues we face as a nation should result in a range of proposed answers or solutions that, although different, would be right and just in intent, means, and ends. However, being thorough and fair means sorting issues by relative importance – especially by moral and ethical imperative - AND by framing any and all issues in their relevant and true historical context.

Christians know that the key aspects of the true historical context for ALL the moral and ethical issues we face are the influences of the world, the flesh, and the devil. Christians believe that the devil is the father of lies and a murderer, and that the flesh is subject to concupiscence - the selfish desire for an object, person, or experience; the orientation, inclination or innate tendency to long for fleshly appetites. What should be common to all persons regardless of religious beliefs, however, is an objective understanding of the state of the world – in terms of the fundamental philosophical and psychological battle for the mind, heart, and soul of man and the intellectual and emotional foundation of human cultures.

In the early nineteenth century, de Tocqueville observed that the idea of the inherent rights of man was losing ground to the idea of the omnipotence and sole authority of the state. Today this shift continues and affects all societies around the globe – including America.

"In the course of this transition ... intermediating institutions such as the Church and family authority are eroded. All that we are left with is the claims of individuals that they are permitted to do what they want to do, even as the power of the State over every aspect of our lives advances by the day. (Rev. Robert A. Sirico, Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty)."

Deacon Joseph B. Gorini, Mechanicsburg PA  <///><  [First Published October 14, 2012]

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