Volume 2, Part 7

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The Catholic Church has historically criticized the excesses of liberal capitalism AND the Church has condemned Communism! At their core, they share the same grave errors, especially the evil of materialism.

" ... all philosophies are said to fall into one of two primary categories, which are defined in contrast to each other: Idealism, and materialism. The basic proposition of these two categories pertains to the nature of reality, and the primary distinction between them is the way they answer two fundamental questions: 'what does reality consist of and how does it originate?' To idealists, spirit or mind is primary, and created matter secondary. To materialists, matter is primary and mind or spirit is secondary, a product of matter acting upon matter. (Wikipedia)" In short, materialism is the "theory" that physical matter is the only or essential reality.

Modern day scientific finds such as quantum physics and chaos theory are said to disprove materialism. The "Catholic Encyclopedia" points out that materialism denies the existence of both deities and souls and is therefore incompatible with the leading religions of the world, especially Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Transcendentalism. Nevertheless the idea lives on – especially in philosophical and political spheres. Notably, in the philosophical and political theory called Marxism, Karl Marx interpreted the world from a materialistic perspective.

Critics of capitalism claim that it leads to excess wealth and excessive consumerism. Allegedly, this makes people greedy and materialistic. The term commonly used to describe greed, avarice, and unjust worldly gain in the Bible is "Mammon." In the New Testament, Mammon refers to a "false god."

"The ideologies of Mammon and Marx are equally godless and are equally inimical to religion in general and to Christianity in particular. Such systems are not merely wrong, they are ultimately evil. (Joseph Pearce, Biographer, as quoted in 'Solzhenitsyn's Prophetic Voice')"

Deacon Joseph B. Gorini, Mechanicsburg PA <///><  [First Published October 9, 2011]

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