Errors, Lies and Deceptions

Errors, lies,and deceptions are falsehoods.  While the uniformed or misinformed may err, liars intend to lie and deceivers intend to deceive.  Some lies and deceptions are so poisonous and some liars and deceivers are so evil, however, that they constitute clear and present dangers.  To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Basically, an error is a deviation from a standard – such as a deviation from accuracy or correctness.  This includes mistakes of thought (belief or opinion), word (in speech) or deed (action).  When the deviation is with regard to a moral standard, however, the error constitutes a moral offense, wrong doing, or sin.

A lie is an inaccurate or false statement - an untruth.  An incomplete statement which is misleading also constitutes a false statement, a lie.  When a falsehood is unintended, the conveyer is in error.  When the falsehood is intended, the conveyer is a liar and the falsehood constitutes a deception, a fraud.

The following are hotlinks to articles that address particular lies, errors, and deceptions, from a catholic point of view, that constitute clear and present dangers at the common core between to the American Way of Life and the Christian Way of Life (e.g., the high regard for human dignity and freedom).



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Deacon Joseph B. Gorini, September 26, 2014