Administrators and Advisors

Light and Heat Ministries, an operating division of Evangelization Enterprises, Inc., is subject to the policies, practices, and standards set forth by its parent company.  Operating within the framework of its mission and in collaboration with its sister division, Light and Heat Media, Light and Heat Ministries is guided by the following administrators and advisors.

President                           John C. Andrews, ELM, BBA

VP – Secretary                 Marianne Fischer, OFS

VP – Treasurer                 Frederick D. Fischer, OFS, BS, MBA

VP - Videography             Michael Moul

VP - Special Events         Veronica D. Gorini, BA

Primary Consultor            Dcn. Joseph B. Gorini, CSP, BBA, MS

Advisor & Chaplain          Rev. John Trigilio, PhD, ThD

Clergy Advisor                 Rev. Kenneth Brighenti, PhD

Clergy Advisor                 Rev. Paul C. B. Schenck, Chairman, National Pro-Life Action Center on Capital Hill, Wash. D,C.

Consultor                         Norman G. Kurland, J.D., President, Center for Economic and Social Justice, headquartered in Arlington VA.

Consultor                         Michael D. Greaney, BBA, MBA, CPA, Secretary, Center for Economic and Social Justice, headquartered in Arlington VA.

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