How to Write an Article Review

Studying at college or universities suggests writing lots of different reviews, but we are going to introduce you to how to create an article overview. An article digest involves a summary of an article itself. If you want to sum up the article right, you need to have a clear understanding of key points and arguments. The following information will tell you how to review an article. You will need to summarize the main ideas, discussions, and estimate its value if you want to succeed in completing this task. You should write feedback on the author's views, respond to his arguments using your thoughts and theories.

What Work Should You Do Before Reviewing?

A great deal of work is necessary before writing an article review. It's a bad idea to read the whole article at once because you can hardly remember what you have read about at the beginning. Read its title and introduction first. Then, read each paragraph and its conclusion, making some notes while reading. If you have unknown definitions, write them down and look them up in the dictionary to understand the article clearly. There are no trifles in this issue. After that, think about the structure of your review. Firstly, you need to summarize all the information given in the article and point out the most important statements and arguments. Secondly, don’t forget to mention what advantages this material has, what you think about the author's arguments, and if you can agree with them. After that, retell the article in your own words. You can do it in free-flowing narration, but try to focus on the author's arguments, research, and statements. It is crucial to convey all the information accurately, so include all the main points.

Now Let's Make an Overview

If you are used to applying for academic writing help, begging, "Could you write my essay for me cheap and quick?", it's a good time to start writing your paper college yourself as the review writing is not so difficult as it seems. In the beginning, find an appropriate headline that reflects the point of your review. An article reference, its author, and the year of publication are the first things that open your report. Your main task is to repeat the main point of the article, the author’s ideas and arguments. They can be hidden it the context, so you might need to formulate it yourself. After that, write the main thoughts and results of the study in your own words. It's better not to give specific examples or statistics. While writing a critical part (three or four paragraphs), say how the author has succeeded in doing his job. If you find this article clear and useful, you have to write about it. In the final part, summarize the main points and mention the impact this article will have on further research in this area. The final stage is proofreading and looking for mistakes and typos. If your paper has three or four passages, make sure that you have the same number of central ideas in your work.
As you can see, creating a useful article summary requires a little patience, accuracy, and hard work. If it doesn’t work for the first time, no need to get angry or despair, just remember that developing writing skills requires more time than you have thought.